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We welcome you to our humble Little Saigon restaurant, the most comfortable and friendly place to eat Vietnamese food in the Dayton area. Here you will find a wide range of the most popular delicious Vietnamese cuisines for your liking. I think you will enjoy your experience here with us.

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1718 Woodman Drive
Kettering, Ohio 45420

Customer Feedbacks

Mary Carroll

Delicious Vietnamese dishes full of flavor! My most recent visit here was the highlight of my siblings' birthday celebration. This family owned restaurants has some of the happiest most genuine people I have ever met making my entire family amazing meals, ( peanut curry, house fried rice/ top favs) that really felt like we were having some love packed food from family. Y'all show them some support!

Scott Feldmiller

Little Saigon is hands down the best Pho I’ve ever had. One, the owner was the sweetest lady in the world and as friendly as anyone I’ve talked to in the restaurant industry in a long time. Two, the quality and quantity of the Pho was second to none. Lastly, you must order a side of summer rolls because the peanut sauce is homemade and literally crack. I’ll be back before I leave town.

Nikki Lange

I don't know where to start when it comes to Little Saigon. Their food is AMAZING! Sincerely, it is so good and flavorful with so many options I know I will never try them all. I maintain they have the best friend spring rolls in the area. They have such delicious Vietnamese dishes with such a huge selection you just have to see their menu to understand. The staff there is so sweet and nice and try so hard to make sure you enjoy your experience. I also think the prices are reasonable, especially with the portions you receive.

Dennis Normile

Great food. I've been driving by this place for a while and dropped in on a Saturday afternoon to get some squid. VERY good. Definitely going to be coming here regularly!

Kyle U

Was craving pho on a chilly, dreary day. Little Saigon Resturant delivered exactly what i wanted. I ordered the house special pho which has three kinds of beef (flank, meatball, brisket). It can come with clear sauce or spicey (1-10). I ordered the spicey #7, but accidentally recieved clear. I was given sauces to add to obtain the spice i wanted however. Broth was very flavorful, beef was tender - just what the doctor ordered! The women running this homey little restaurant are also very kind and attentive. I will definitely be back to try more of their delicious food!